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Everyone one was pleasant, very nice facilities, not crowded, and extremely helpful. Definitely recommend going to this dentist office. Thank you!

TimE Bomb

I’ve gone here consistently throughout all the different owners. I’ve noticed a huge change with the new one. They’re much more involved, explaining steps and what they’re keeping an eye on. My last hygienist, Amy, put protective eye wear on me and even had ointment for my lips so they wouldn’t get dry during the appointment. She was so knowledgeable. She pointed out that the medications I was taking caused dry mouth. I had no idea that was why! She explained dry mouth can increase your risk of cavities and had a list of different products I could get at a local drug store to help. I genuinely felt cared for, but mostly, that I could trust her opinion if I were to need work. It was just one hygienist, but she made a huge impact.

Kathleen Jolliff